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How to Size Text in CSS

One of the most practical articles you’ll read in a while on CSS was published in A List Apart this week: How to Size Text in CSS. Alhamdulillah I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out which way to size CSS texts.


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Preparing your files for Printing on a Commercial Printing Press.

Preparing your files for Printing on a Commercial Printing Press.

August 24, 2007 at 5:12 pm 1 comment

Blueprint CSS Framework

Found via many sites is the awesome Blueprint CSS Framework developed by Olav Bjorkoy.

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Typography – 20th Century Timeline

Interactive audio timeline of Typography in the 20th Century.

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Typography and Web Advertising: Making Every Opportunity Count

Alexander W. White writes on two of my favorite subjects Typography and Web Advertising.

So why is so much advertising, including web advertising, so skippable?
Partly, I think, because advertisers make the mistake of thinking of
the audience as viewers rather than targets. The distinction is real: A viewer is one who views,
which implies—but does not necessarily actually deliver—their
attention. It is a soft and flabby term that describes a mostly passive
audience. On the other hand, a target is one to whom an ad is aimed, and suggests aiming, accuracy, and a more active, vigorous stance by the advertiser.

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Creating Inspired Design by Andy Clarke

Andy Clarke (All That Malarkey) is writing a series of monthly articles on titled “Creating Inspired Design.”

So far he has posted 4 articles on issues of inspiration, bringing print design styles to the web and color schemes.

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35 Designers x 5 Questions

35 Designers x 5 Questions

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