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NYC Subway Compasses

NYC started a pilot program to place wayfinding “compasses” outside of Subway stations.

Design + Geography + NYC = I LOVE!


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Filter Forge: A Powerful Photoshop Filter Program

On the surface, Filter Forge is just a Photoshop plugin, a pack of
filters that generate textures, create visual effects, enhance photos,
process images. However, there are 3 things that make Filter Forge

1. You can create your own filters.
Filter Forge comes with a visual node-based editor allowing you to
create your own filters – textures, effects, distortions, backgrounds,
frames, you name it. All filters automatically support 16- and 32-bit
modes in Photoshop, real-world HDRI lighting, bump and normal maps,
huge resolutions and seamless tiling.

2. Anyone can submit filters to our online Filter Library
where other users can download them – for free. This means that the
more people use Filter Forge, the better it gets. Currently, the
library contains 2821 user-created filters.

3. Contributors get Filter Forge for free.
You submit filters, they get popular with the users, we send you a free
copy of Filter Forge. Sounds simple but don’t expect a giveaway, you
will have to earn it.

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10 Things We Can Learn From Apple

10 Things We Can Learn From Apple.

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Creating Inspired Design by Andy Clarke

Andy Clarke (All That Malarkey) is writing a series of monthly articles on titled “Creating Inspired Design.”

So far he has posted 4 articles on issues of inspiration, bringing print design styles to the web and color schemes.

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The Life and Work of William Addison Dwiggins

Linotyped published “The Life and Work of William Addison Dwiggins” from their Linotype Matrix magazine. I can eat this stuff up all day long. I haven’t yet used any of his fonts for any work but I’ve been eyeing New Caledonia for some time. Caravan also looks like it may come into use soon.

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Free Font Manifesto

Free Font Manifesto

A small but growing number of designers and institutions are creating
typefaces for the public domain. These designers are participating in
the broader open source and copyleft movements, which seek to stimulate worldwide creativity via a collective information commons.

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Breakthrough Ideas for 2007


That was just after reading the first of the breakthough ideas of 2007 titled “The Accidental Influentials” which
is making me really rethink the whole influentials part of the Tipping Point. It’s too late for me to read the rest. I have to read the rest tomorrow.

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