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Greatest Copy Shot Ever Written

Nick Padmore breaks down the Greatest Copy Shot Ever Written.

I don’t necessarily agree with the conclusion but the article itself is an awesome reference tool for when you get stuck on writing a copy shot.


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The 12 Kinds of Ads

Slate presents the 12 kinds of ads.

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Typography and Web Advertising: Making Every Opportunity Count

Alexander W. White writes on two of my favorite subjects Typography and Web Advertising.

So why is so much advertising, including web advertising, so skippable?
Partly, I think, because advertisers make the mistake of thinking of
the audience as viewers rather than targets. The distinction is real: A viewer is one who views,
which implies—but does not necessarily actually deliver—their
attention. It is a soft and flabby term that describes a mostly passive
audience. On the other hand, a target is one to whom an ad is aimed, and suggests aiming, accuracy, and a more active, vigorous stance by the advertiser.

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AIDAS: The Relevance of Satisfaction

AIDAS: The Relevance of Satisfaction.

“The lesson for persuading today’s modern bloodhound is to serve up real meat and to keep providing the critical scent, from click to click and experience to experience, that keeps the bloodhound galumphing forward.”

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The Life and Work of William Addison Dwiggins

Linotyped published “The Life and Work of William Addison Dwiggins” from their Linotype Matrix magazine. I can eat this stuff up all day long. I haven’t yet used any of his fonts for any work but I’ve been eyeing New Caledonia for some time. Caravan also looks like it may come into use soon.

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The message in advertising is irrelevant

Dr Robert Heath, from the University of Bath’s School of Management,
found that advertisements with high levels of emotional content
enhanced how people felt about brands, even when there was no real

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Five Proven Ways to Waste Money With Pay-per-Click Advertising

MarketingProfs has an article on Five Proven Ways to Waste Money With Pay-per-Click Advertising.

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