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Creating Inspired Design by Andy Clarke

Andy Clarke (All That Malarkey) is writing a series of monthly articles on titled “Creating Inspired Design.”

So far he has posted 4 articles on issues of inspiration, bringing print design styles to the web and color schemes.


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Thinking For a Living

From TypeForYou

Duane King set up Thinking for a Living as a guide to new designers. The Resources section lists a bunch of recommended books and the Surfing section has a list of key sites of magazines, organization, conferences, blogs and more.

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Happiness 101

NYT article on the teaching of happiness in universities.

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Distance Learning Courses

An extensive list of free online courses.

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Take study-worthy lecture notes: The Cornell System of Taking Notes

Just finished catching up on Lifehacker and saw this introduction to the Cornell Note taking system. Included is a link to the 6 R’s and templates.

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The Principles of Design

Excellent introductory article on “The Principles of Design.”

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HillmanCurtis Artist Documentaries

From SvN: A collection of documentaries on some of the great artists. So far I watched the ones on Mliton Glaser, Mark Romanek and Petnagram. Very intersting stuff here.

EDIT: I have to say the the Paula Scher documentary was inspiring. I also learned a new word: syncopate

EDIT #2:  I just watched all of the videos and they are all amazing. For some strange reason I just happened to pick up Step Inside Design magazine’s Sept/Oct 2005 issue and I had the serendipity to find that they had an article where Hillman Curtis provides his thoughts about the documentaries.

Checking their website I see they have a link to a Hillman Curtis giving a brief presentation of his setup and interview style. See:


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