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Rebranding of FOWA

Ryan Nichols gives an overview of their rebranding of FOWA (Future of Web Apps). The breathless result was not by accident, but was very process driven. Great work.

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The BBC’s Fifteen Web Principles

The BBC’s Fifteen Web Principles

1. Build web products that meet audience needs
2. The very best websites do one thing really, really well

.. 13 more

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The 4-Hour Work Week

Timothy Ferriss runs a thriving business — and spend more hours on sports than work, thanks to simple time management techniques that reduces his work week to only 4 hours.

August 10, 2007 at 12:07 pm 1 comment

17 New Rules for Successful E-Commerce

17 New Rules for Successful E-Commerce

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Using Flickr for SEO & Traffic

Using Flickr in your SEO & Traffic Building Strategy.

Powered by ScribeFire.

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What Makes People Buy

Bryan Eisenberg of GrokDotCom asks “What Makes People Buy?” They have come up with 20 so far.

Edit: A comment linked to the following “Wants make the world go ’round … saleswise” which features a nice cartoon about how projects are badly run to figure out customer wants.

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Typography – 20th Century Timeline

Interactive audio timeline of Typography in the 20th Century.

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