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How to Size Text in CSS

One of the most practical articles you’ll read in a while on CSS was published in A List Apart this week: How to Size Text in CSS. Alhamdulillah I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out which way to size CSS texts.


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Being Kind to Widows and Orphans

No, this is not one of those charity posts.
It’s all about my favourite plugin. Imagine a plugin that could improve
the typography of your page with no complicated setup. Controlling type
online can at times be difficult. However, things have just gotten a
whole lot easier with the release of the Typogrify plugin.

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POSH – Plain Old Semantic HTML

A nice new acronym for a basic concept that should be deeply ingrained into every webdeveloper/frontend developer is making the rounds. POSH – Plain Old Semantic HTML.

To start writing semantic markup, you need to:

  • Validate your HTML
  • Stop using tables for layout
  • Use semantic elements and attributes for their intended purpose
  • Use semantic class names and id values
  • Use as little HTML as will get the job done

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Switching Page Extensions & SEO (i.e. ASP to PHP)

Switching Page Extensions & SEO (i.e. ASP to PHP).

A Cre8asite Forums thread asks what are the search engine optimization implications of switching from ASP to PHP?

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Creating Inspired Design by Andy Clarke

Andy Clarke (All That Malarkey) is writing a series of monthly articles on titled “Creating Inspired Design.”

So far he has posted 4 articles on issues of inspiration, bringing print design styles to the web and color schemes.

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35 Designers x 5 Questions

35 Designers x 5 Questions

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10 Design Resources for October

Fadtastic posts “10 Design Resources for October.”

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