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NYC Subway Compasses

NYC started a pilot program to place wayfinding “compasses” outside of Subway stations.

Design + Geography + NYC = I LOVE!


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Nelles Maps

Kevin Kelly talks about his favorite maps for backpackers: Nelles Maps.

Nelles Maps are the best foldable maps for travelers I’ve seen. I favor
them for six reasons: 1) They come at a good practical scale for
traveling, fine enough to show most small rural towns. 2) Each map
displays shaded physical relief of mountains, highway numbers and even
“places of interest” – which are often not listed in guide books. 3)
The maps are printed on both sides to maximize coverage. 4) They are
printed in a form that folds neatly into a shoulder bag, with cover. 5)
They are reasonably priced. 6) Best of all, Nelles seem to keep them
very up to date. I haven’t found any Nelles maps in print that are more
than a few years old.

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Breakthrough Ideas for 2007


That was just after reading the first of the breakthough ideas of 2007 titled “The Accidental Influentials” which
is making me really rethink the whole influentials part of the Tipping Point. It’s too late for me to read the rest. I have to read the rest tomorrow.

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10 Regions of American Politics

Strangemaps presents a map of the 10 Regions of American Politics.

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New Mid-East Borders?

Armed Forces Journal writes about and maps out a new Mid-East border.

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Interview with Jason Fried – Benefits of Working Seperately

Web Worker Daily chats with Jason Fried. Most of the interview centers around 37 Signals belief in working separately and outside the office is almost always better.

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One Eid Day: Inside a Bangladeshi Mental Hospital

Shahidul Alam, a Bangladeshi photographer, discusses mental hospitals in Bangladesh.

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