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NYC Subway Compasses

NYC started a pilot program to place wayfinding “compasses” outside of Subway stations.

Design + Geography + NYC = I LOVE!


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10 Regions of American Politics

Strangemaps presents a map of the 10 Regions of American Politics.

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New Mid-East Borders?

Armed Forces Journal writes about and maps out a new Mid-East border.

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Interview with Jason Fried – Benefits of Working Seperately

Web Worker Daily chats with Jason Fried. Most of the interview centers around 37 Signals belief in working separately and outside the office is almost always better.

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One Eid Day: Inside a Bangladeshi Mental Hospital

Shahidul Alam, a Bangladeshi photographer, discusses mental hospitals in Bangladesh.

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Canada: Online Upswing

Canada has generally been a tougher place to market to for ecommerce companies. But in the new post by eMarketer we find that things are changing for the better as Canadians’ use of the internet is on par with the US and are far ahead in broadband usage.

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Gender & Online Shopping

eMarketer published this article on Gender & Online Shopping with stats fromĀ  this Euromonitor study.

The eMarketer article also had an interesting wikipedia link on Digit Ratio studies. Interesting…

September 26, 2006 at 5:28 pm Leave a comment

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